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Atque in perpetuum, frater...   
12:34am 02/01/2018

(peer through the dark glass)

Close to the edge   
02:02am 08/01/2017
  There's a part of me that's getting on with things, doing day-to-day stuff, living what is left of my life...
That's what people are seeing. Good work, keep it up, it'll get better.

That part is a shell.

Inside, the rest of me is closer to the abyss than ever. There's no hope left, no future I want.
All the things that once brought me joy are now spiked with pain.

I really don't know if I can hold it together much longer.
I don't have any reserves left.

Right now, I'm going away for a week.

I'll carry on through that, as well as I can, but...
when I come back - if I come back - it might not be for long.

Everyone keeps telling me they're sorry.
It doesn't change anything or make anything better.

But, in case I don't get back to this later;
in case the abyss turns out to be even closer than I thought...

I'm sorry.
10:08am 27/11/2016
  Well, ten years of happiness was a good run, I guess.  
Time flies like a banana...   
10:56pm 23/07/2007
mood: antedescendant
... no, wait...


As per usual, I have about a million lj posts, emails, webcomics, /. articles and so on to catch up on.

As per usual, I'm probably going to procrastinate until it's too late.

One day, I'll get around to using this internet thing like I'm supposed to...

(PS - Chuck Heston is a scary, hairy man).

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Time flies like a banana...   
10:56pm 23/07/2007
  ... no, wait...  

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Freezing finish   
10:55pm 06/06/2007
mood: freezing hands
... and so, the freezer is finally de-frosted.

Three sodden towels, 48 hours, and some effort have removed the work of ... centuries. Well, it looks like it, anyway.
I feel like a vandal. Who knows how long that frozen sculpture of apathy and bachelor-ness had been worked on, cherished and cultivated?

(Well, I do, actually. About two and a half years. )

Anyway, it's done with. The frozen mystery dishes have been sent to a facility capable of dealing with them. The shelves may one day fit where they were meant to.

Now let us never speak of it again.
The Truth! It burns!   
12:38am 03/06/2007
mood: comical
It's funny for so many reasons...

... Okay, three that I can count. Maybe four.

(Note: If link is not funny, don't bother trying to get it. You won't.)

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12:03am 01/06/2007
mood: mystified

Edit: Never mind, false alarm (Guardian subscribers only).
Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the fact that the article was from The Sun.

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09:02pm 22/05/2007
mood: brains

Zombie translation

*Anyone feel like coming for a nice healthy lurching shamble?
This Saturday afternoon, leaving from Rymill Park.
I'll be there, probably.

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Tap Chiens   
09:56pm 08/05/2007
mood: bouyant
La Bottine Souriante are completely and utterly awesome.

Yes, their percussion section is someone tapdancing.
Sometimes whilst actually dancing, sometimes whilst sitting, playing fiddle, or guitar, or something else - (check out the guy on the left).
And they are definitely having at least as much fun up there on the stage as anyone watching them.

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Stay the hell out of America.   
11:38pm 04/05/2007
mood: powerlessly furious
I am never, ever, ever, ever going to America.

And the more Howard and his fucking cronies try to make this country like the Republic of Bush, the less I want to stay here, either.

... and they can't bloody spell, either. "Wierd". Bah.

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Details, details...   
12:52am 20/04/2007
mood: slackered
Look, I know I keep saying "more details later", but I've been, well, really slack. And really busy. For example, I have a (nearly) full-time job now.

Anyways. If you're not already booked, there will be a party of the engagement type on the afternoon/evening of May 12th. Keep it free, if you can.

More details Real Soon Now, as in by the weekend.


I mean it this time....


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03:46pm 08/03/2007
mood: engaging


More details later.

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Back, and gone again   
10:51pm 28/02/2007
mood: knackered
So, out of hospital Sunday, and I'm off to Sydney tomorrow, carting my sister's stuff over there to install in her new flat. We've been packing and waterproofing the trailer all day. I'm stuffed.

Maybe next week, I'll actually get to spend some time in my own new place.

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Extraneous Material   
11:37pm 15/02/2007
mood: missing the point
Posted this to scribblette's lj, and thought it was worth putting up for more to see.

Best review ever.

Although written many years ago, Lady Chatterley's Lover has
just been reissued by the Grove Press, and this pictorial
account of the day-to-day life of an English gamekeeper is
full of considerable interest to outdoor minded readers, as
it contains many passages on pheasant-raising, the
apprehending of poachers, ways to control vermin, and other
chores and duties of the professional gamekeeper.
Unfortunately, one is obliged to wade through many pages of
extraneous material in order to discover and savour those
sidelights on the management of a midland shooting estate,
and in this reviewer's opinion the book cannot take the place
of J.R. Miller's "Practical Gamekeeping."

      -- Ed Zern, "Field and Stream", Nov., 1959


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Time to take up knitting. Chainmail, perhaps.   
09:04pm 09/02/2007
mood: drugged
So, I'm stuck in a hospital for the next sixteen days.

Oh NO! What has happened to me?!Collapse )

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Oh, and...   
01:13am 26/01/2007
mood: pre-party sleepy
Hottest 100 BBQ and Pool Party.
My new place.

Call me for details.

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01:00am 26/01/2007
mood: conspiratorial
Someone else has realised the TRUTH.

I knew it all along.Collapse )

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Right then.   
02:32am 09/01/2007
mood: drinking

Yes, it's been a while.

Yes, I'm slack.

No, I haven't got any significant updates for you. I'll get to that. RSN.

In the meantime, I just felt that I had to propose a new drinking game that I came up with, inspired by this xkcd comic.

Game takes place in pub, at party, etc, with a group in some sort of vaguely circular arrangement, with drinks.
Game begins when someone says "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die"1, or similar.
Game continues around circle (or however) with each successive participant coming up with a new variation on the line (see linked comic for examples). Participant may then take a drink. Failing to come up with a variation means a scull. An exceptionally poor variation means a scull. An extremely clever variation means a scull. And so on...

You can see how this goes. It's the sort of game the gentlemen from Goats would play.

So. I now expect you all to know what happens when I start this at some random event.

Real update any day now. Honest.

1: Note that the xkcd comic inserts "once", a common mis-quoting of the line. Like "Play it again, Sam".

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02:11am 04/10/2006
mood: reticent
Grant us,
in our direst need,
the smallest gifts:

the nail of the horseshoe,
the pin of the axle,
the feather at the pivot point,
the pebble at the mountain's peak,

the kiss in despair,

the one right word.

In darkness, understanding.